Grand Rapids HVAC Services

The dedicated HVAC service professionals at Pro-Tech Heating & Cooling proudly service a wide range of heating and cooling issues for both the residential and commercial markets.


When your air conditioning system, furnace, water heater or ventilation system stops working, the experienced technicians at Pro-Tech will identify the problem and explain your options.


Whenever a repair is recommended, our team will work with you to make sure that you understand the time and costs involved and how the repair will affect the future performance of the product.



Pro-Tech repairs and installs most HVAC systems, including:



Grand Rapids Air Conditioning (AC) Services

Without annual inspection, debris and dirt can accumulate inside of your air conditioning system. The broken-down debris can then be spread into the air of your home when you use you turn on your air conditioning. This can also cause your unit to run much less efficiently, and can cause backups that could lead to costly repairs.


The best way to prevent this from happening: call the professionals at Pro-Tech to perform annual maintenance on your AC unit. Pro-Tech’s expert technicians provide a wide range of services for AC units including installation, repair and general maintenance. Learn more about air conditioning units here.


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Grand Rapids Heat Pump Services

Our geothermal heat pumps offer homeowners and businesses alike an affordable method to keep heating and cooling costs down.


By tapping into the geothermal energy beneath your home, you can reduce the amount of energy you use from traditional power sources — thus lowering your overall power bill. However, keep in mind that these systems are complicated, and a lack of professional maintenance often leads to total heat pump system failure. Learn more about heat pumps here.


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Grand Rapids Water Heater Services

Our experienced HVAC technicians know firsthand that a buildup of sediments from the water passing through your water heater can create a number of problems. Too much sediment restricts the space inside the water heater, causing water shortages and a ‘rotten egg’ smell. If left unchecked, the sediment buildup can eventually damage your water heater beyond repair.


Pro-tech’s water heater experts know how to prevent water heater system failures. We offer a wide variety installation, maintenance and repair services guaranteed to satisfy your needs. Learn more about water heaters here.


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Grand Rapids Furnace and Heating System Services

With regular maintenance and inspections, your heating system should last up to twenty years. However, many people do not give their furnace the maintenance it needs, which drastically shortens its lifespan. Even small problems within the system can lead to major consequences and pose health and safety hazards.


At Pro-Tech Heating & Cooling, we aim to get the best comfort, efficiency and lifespan out of your heating system. With annual maintenance from our HVAC professionals, we inspect your system thoroughly to identify any potential problems before they cause damage and cost you more money. Learn more about furnace and heating systems here.


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On top of the years of experience each of our technicians bring to repairing and installing these HVAC systems, we only install proven, high-quality products — giving our customers 100% confidence in these systems’ efficiency and reliability.


For more information about the residential and commercial Grand Rapids HVAC services from Pro-Tech Heating & Cooling, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.453.5000.