Replacing Your AC Unit

With the summer quickly approaching, understanding how to replace your air conditioning unit for you and your family  becomes crucial. The lifespan of an air conditioning unit lasts 10-14 years, meaning that at one point, you’ll find yourself on the market for a new AC unit.

Keep cool and replace your AC unit with these tips:

  • Understand the size unit needed: When replacing an air conditioning unit, take into consideration the renovations or changes that have occurred to your residence. Fixed windows, new insulation, any factor that affects the amount of AC needed to cool your home. From this, you will be able to determine the correct size unit necessary to purchase.
  • Pick your compressor wisely: A compressor is the part of the air conditioning unit that supplies the cold air. Compressors come in two different varieties –– single stage and two stage. Single stage compressors run on high speed only, costing you more money by running continuous cold air into a room. Two stage compressors work in different cycles. They run from low to high frequency cold air, determining if a room needs less cold air to remain the same cool temperature. This costs you less money in electrical bills.
  • Know your SEER: The SEER stands for ‘Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio’. According to the US Department of Energy, the standard for this ratio should remain around 14-20, meaning 14 or above is the number that your SEER should be running at to keep not only your bills consistently low, but your AC unit at a healthy level to maintain our environment.
  • Maintenance required: After initially replacing your unit, continue annual maintenance on the unit to ensure that air is flowing freely and cleanly. If the unit’s health is not kept up, its overall performance will begin to falter, resulting in an air conditioning unit that needs replacing much sooner than projected. Clean air from your AC unit is crucial in upkeeping the safety of the air for your family and pets.
  • Know who to call: When the time comes to replace your AC unit, the best person to consult is a professional who understands the sizing needed, the SEER requirements and the duties of the compressor.

One of the most crucial parts of a home is the feeling that it provides you and your family. Clean, cool air makes your home comfortable. For more information on replacing your AC unit from the experts at Pro-Tech Heating & Cooling, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.453.5000.

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